Why Scotland?

Scotland stands at a pivotal moment, poised to accelerate the global change required to build a wellbeing economy.

Its attributes include its size, an international finance sector, an engaged civil society, the host of COP 26 in 2020,  and a supportive policy framework.

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The latter is  exemplified by the Wellbeing Economies Government partnership, referenced in the First Minister’s recent TED Talk and for which the Scottish Government provides the secretariat. Historically high levels of civic engagement and a growing realisation that our financial system lies at the root of society’s major problems (rising inequalities, environmental damage and catastrophic climate change) has seen pioneering alternatives spring up across Scotland including community energy projects, alternative business models & ethical finance projects.

About WEAll Scotland

WEAll Scotland was established to build on this momentum and promote a wellbeing economy, an economy which delivers social justice and environmental health for all. Since June 2018, WEAll Scotland has been a focal point for the huge demand from different actors and sectors wishing to pursue such an economy. We have  been overwhelmed by requests to provide speakers, opinion pieces, parliamentary evidence & platforms to amplify relevant initiatives or demonstrate how to accelerate economic system change.

The shift to a wellbeing economy will require participation from ‘insiders’ & ‘outsiders’ across all sectors, supported by diverse but mutually reinforcing activities i.e. the development of new ideas (including practical policy proposals), advocacy, communication channels, spokespeople, public & political debate, and coalition building across sectors, networks and communities.

There is much energy and ambition in Scotland but WEAll believes the people, movements and networks wishing to pursue a wellbeing economy are not sufficiently connected. As a result they’re achieving less than the sum of their parts – pioneering initiatives and practices are fragmented; enthused individuals with key skills & experience are unsure where to place their energy; and those individuals & networks well-placed to bring about corporate or institutional change are operating in silos, unable to work on linked challenges.

To realise this ambition and ensure the pioneering yet fragmented work already underway achieves more than the sum of its parts requires coordination &  strategic direction. WEAll Scotland will work with partners to achieve this by establishing sector-specific clusters – focal points to champion institutional & corporate change by co-creating, testing & lobbying for alternative policies, practices & models within their own sectors, & by identifying the cross-sectoral opportunities for fundamental systems change.

Our partners

Partners who have worked with WEAll Scotland to date include:

The Poverty Alliance, Edinburgh Futures Institute at the University of Edinburgh, Baillie Gifford, Scotland’s Futures Forum, Fraser of Allander Institute, Cooperative Development Scotland, Oxfam Scotland, the Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee at the Scottish Parliament, and senior Scottish Government officials.

WEAll Scotland is a founding member of the international Wellbeing Economies Alliance and has strong links to the Wellbeing Economy Governments initiative.

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