The WEAll Amp team

The small team working full-time for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance is not a secretariat – it’s an Amplification team.
We’re here to amplify the work of others in the movement for a wellbeing economy.

See the latest updates from the Amp Team in our October diary.


Ana Gómez

Network Wellbeing lead

Ana has put down some roots in her home country of Spain to be part of the WEAll team, after almost two decades of travel. She has worked on sustainable livelihoods and eco conservation projects around the world, from Canada to New Zealand. Previously, she  worked at Centro Cultural de Idiomas (CCI). She was responsible for Exchange Language  Programs  abroad with the purpose of opening people’s mind through language and culture learnings.  Cultural Intelligence and Responsible Tourism are her two  focus subjects  as they  are interconnected with her  traveller life.

“Viajar alimenta el alma”


Lisa Hough-Stewart

Communications and Mobilisation lead

Lisa joined WEAll from Oxfam Scotland where she led on campaigns and communications. She holds a BA in Journalism and Politics and an MA in Human Rights, and has previous work experience in sustainability reporting, ethical policy development and media relations in the private sector. She lives in Glasgow, Scotland with her husband and dog, where she plays saxophone in her spare time with boisterous community band SambaYaBamba.

“Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning”


Dr. Katherine Trebeck

Policy and Knowledge lead

Katherine lives in Glasgow (her love of Scotland brought her from Australia over 13 years ago). She has over eight years experience as a policy wonk and researcher with Oxfam GB. Holding a PhD in Political Science, Katherine is Senior Visiting Researcher University of Strathclyde and Honorary Professor University of the West of Scotland. Her next book “The Economics of Arrival” lands 15 January.

“The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for”


Stewart Wallis


Stewart has come out of retirement to voluntarily help to run WEAll. A long term advocate for the need to transition to a new economic system, Stewart previously worked as Oxfam International Director from 1992 to 2002, for which he was awarded an OBE. From 2003 to 2016, he was Executive Director of the New Economics Foundation. He lives in rural England with his wife.

“We are the economy”

Michael Weatherhead

Development and Practice lead

Michael lives in Spain with his wife and son, after moving from South Africa where he was international director of the consulting arm of NEF. He holds post-grad qualifications in economics and organisational development and loves blending rigorous analysis with innovative approaches to opening up  learning spaces and finding solutions. Luckily there’s no dip in his wellbeing from moving to Spain  given the kitesurfing and biking options available near Malaga!

“I dream things that never were, and say why not?”

NESI Global Forum 2019

WEAll is excited to collaborate with Fundacion Global Hub for the Common Good to deliver the New Economy Social Innovation (NESI) Global Forum 2019.

This significant forum, held in Malaga, Spain, will bring together the worldwide movement for economic system change to co-create the wellbeing economy.

Find out more about the NESI Global Forum here.



Diego Isabel la Moneda

NESI Forum founder and lead

Diego lives in Southern Spain with his partner, and is the CEO and co-founder of Global Hub for the Common Good and the New Economy Social Innovation Forum.  Diego is author of the book “Yo Soy Tú: Propuesta para una Nueva Sociedad” as well as an international speaker. He studied Environmental and Forest Engineering and is MSc in “Global Governance and Ethics” by the University College of London.

Diego is collaborating with the WEAll Amp team to deliver NESI Global Forum 2019.


“People are the energy that will change the world”.

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