What is WEAll Citizens?

A fundamental shift in the economic system will only occur when large numbers of people worldwide demand such a change and work together to make it happen. Anyone can join WEAll Citizens to be part of this movement.

What are the benefits of being a WEAll Citizen?

  • Access to resources and webinars to equip you with the knowledge and skills to be a champion of the wellbeing economy
  • Support, encouragement and tools, to campaign for change locally on your own terms
  • Help with making positive changes in your life to be the change you want to see
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you’re contributing to vitally needed global change
  • Connection with other like-minded people in your communities or regions, and across the world
  • Access to WEAll and member communications and campaigns
  • Discounted access to WEAll events

What are the responsibilities of a WEAll Citizen?

  • To make some positive change in your own life, and share your journey. This could be big or small
  • To act as advocates for a wellbeing economy by taking and making opportunities for conversations to spread awareness and encourage change
  • To invite friends or colleagues to join the movement
  • To vote on key fund allocation or campaign choices when asked
  • To contribute one unit of their own currency (£1, $1, €1, etc.) on an annual basis. Larger contributions will obviously be welcomed but not demanded, nor expected
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