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Here you can find articles and websites to educate yourself further about new forms of economy. We also listed interesting opportunities for young people. Happy Exploring of our knowledge part!

Helpful tools to make the next step:

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World.                   Actions for Happiness                   Reading your way to a wellbeing economy: 15 essential book.



Inform yourself about new forms of economic systems through WEDUCATE!



Opportunities for young people

Here, you can find interesting opportunities for young people, e.g. events, MOOCs, funding, programs,… 



July 14-20, 2019 || Zurich, Switzerland

Deadline: 8 February 2019

Calling all passionate, enthusiastic, dedicated and proactive young social entrepreneurs, community organisers, activists, volunteers and campaigners who are working towards attaining the Sustainable Development Goals – we want you! Share your work with us by applying to the summit and have a chance to be selected as a Global Changemaker 2019 and attend the fully funded Global Youth Summit 2019.




Free MOOCs to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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