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Helene comes from Germany but moved to the Netherlands for her Bachelors in Global Project and Change Management. She is the mobilization lead and responsible for the hub development and establishing actions with other parties. In her free time, she enjoys inline skating and is involved in the local startup community.

I believe that young people play a powerful role in bringing change to systems, institutions etc. as they are the managers, leaders and professionals of tomorrow. I want to make more young people realize and act upon this power.


Sybrand, born and living in the Netherlands, and studying Global Project & Change Management, is responsible for the communications of WEAll Youth. Therefore, when new connections are made, or new partnerships are being launched, Sybrand is the person with which you will be in touch. When time is over, Sybrand likes to sail, go to the gym, and play the piano.

In order to create new innovations and a more sustainable world, I believe that cooperation is the key to success. Therefore, networking is of high importance and should get more attention amongst people, especially amongst young people since they are the future for this world. By setting-up WEAll Youth, I am confident we can create a positive change to youth engagement in this world.



Stan is from the Netherlands and he also studies Global Project and Change Management. Stan is the marketing lead and responsible for social media marketing and making sure the content is posted regularly. In his free time, he enjoys playing the ukulele, listening to audiobooks, wall climbing and going to the gym.

Economics is central to our current society and it always bothered me that it is responsible for many problems the world is facing right now. However, it is commonly overlooked in the fight against these problems like climate change. I believe by rethinking the economic system we can turn it into the solution rather than the problem. I don’t think there is one model that is going to solve all problems and that is why I work with WEAll Youth, to share all our philosophies and together work towards the solutions.

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