WEAll Youth Charter

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WEAll Youth Charter

What is this charter?

This charter is our manifestation, what we are about and what we believe in. We explain our philosophy and our call to action. We explain what we try to achieve, and why we want to achieve this goal. You can sign the charter and show that you agree.

Why do we have a charter?

We created this charter because we want to send out a call to action. We want to encourage people to take action, and we believe that acknowledging that you think there needs to be a change is the first step. Therefore, we wanted to give a little bit more than just a great social media content, and that is why we wrote a manifestation of our beliefs. We encourage you to sign and share the charter with your friends and family and show that you are taking the first step: being aware of the problem.

What happens when you sign it?

Well, nothing really. It is up to you, the charter is created for you. When you sign it, you pledge that you agree with us and that you also think there needs to be a change. But if you do not bring forth this change, no-one is going to judge. When you sign the document it is a promise to yourself that you acknowledged the fact that there is something wrong with our current economic system and that it should be changed. Whether you are going to do something about it is entirely your decision. We just point you in the right direction.


By signing this Charter, you show that you are sharing WEAll Youth’s beliefs and values. You become part of our changemaker community and receive monthly updates from WEAll Youth via email. When you sign it, you pledge that you agree with us and this Charter, and that you also think there needs to be a change in the current economic system. In the end, it is your choice how much you want to commit to fighting for the better.
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