WEAll associate members

Associate members are people who are providing vital support to WEAll’s journey, but for various reasons (for example if they work for a large institution) are doing so in a personal capacity, rather than on behalf of the organisation they work for.

Justine Braby

Progress Namibia – WEAfrica

Beth Caniglia

The Solutions Journal

Florian Carl

Reclaim our Economy

Luca Coscieme

Trinity College Dublin

Robert Costanza

Australian National University

Janos Csala

Reclaim our Economy

Ida  Kubiszewski

 Crawford School of Public Policy at Australian National University

Lars Fogh Mortensen

 European Environment Agency

Amanda Janoo

Economic Policy Expert

Rajiv Joshi

The B Team

Hunter Lovins

Natural Capitalism Solutions

Rowan Mataram


Dirk Philipsen

 Duke University – Economic Historian

Kate Pickett

University of York  – The Equality Trust

Michael Pirson

Fordham University – Center for Humanistic Management

Kristín Vala Ragnarsdottir

Institute of Earth Sciences at University of Iceland

Paul Sutton

University of Denver

James Ward

School of Natural & Built Environments at University of South Australia

Richard Wilkinson

The Equality Trust

Andrew Winston

Winston Eco-Strategies – The Big Pivot

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