Lebohang Liepollo Pheko

Lebohang Liepollo Pheko

Name Lebohang Liepollo Pheko
Country of birth Zambia
Country of residence South Africa
Gender Female
Occupation Senior Research Fellow/ Feminist Scholactivist
Organisation Trade Collective
Bio Liepollo Lebohang Pheko is an activist scholar, researcher , public intellectual  , development practitioner with interests in Afrikan political economy, States& nationhood, international trade & global financial governance, feminisation of poverty, regional integration and impacts of globalisation on labour migration. Senior Research Fellow at  research and policy advocacy think tank –  Trade Collective and  has taught  International Trade and developed a course on Afrikan Feminism the Thabo Mbeki  African Leadership Institute  where she is a founding faculty  member and Associate . She has taught as visiting faculty  at several institutions  beyond South Africa including Zambia, Mexico,  Sweden , the US and the UK.   Pheko’s work is grounded in a race, class and feminist analysis and she  is committed to grounding academic research in  community struggles & contexts.  She is proudly associated with  a wave of unapologetic African feminism that is grounded in heterodox  thinking on  social transformation, reframing the State and rethinking economics. A  Board member of several academic and development organisations including the  International Network on Migration and Development , the Association of African Trade Practitioners and is currently deputy convener [and founding member] of the Pan African Network in Defence of Migrant Rights.  She has contributed to several books on international trade, gender and politics and social transformation and written numerous  conference and academic papers in addition to  popular opinion pieces and columns  on regional integration, international relations, migration, public & development policy, economic citizenship , forms of nation and statehood including racism in international institutions  and emerging global powers.  Lebohang Liepollo  is a prolific and sometimes inconvenient voice in public debates across South Africa and globally having travelled 35 countries  on all continents to give political solidarity  and technical inputs to various popular  movements and development processes. She invests much time in mentoring young people, younger  activists /academics and developing women in leadership. Her best time is spent with  her rapidly adulting children, enjoying jazz, gospel , chocolate, slow jogs  and pursuing the art of stillness.


Website https://www.linkedin.com/in/liepollo-lebohang-pheko/

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