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Published on March 02, 2021

This week we’re launching a new website –  Stories for Life – as an invitation to create new economic stories. 

It is time for a new design of our economic system. The world is facing a series of crises that are symptoms of our current economic story. This story is outdated, and untrue. It’s time we created new stories; stories that reflect our humanity and can ultimately lead to the creation of an economy that is in service to life. 

Telling these stories is a key pillar to WEAll’s work. Narrative seeps into all aspects of uprooting the old and re-creating the new global economic system. It is how we communicate about the economy that will ultimately create the base of power that is needed to call for the change to the system.

In WEAll’s theory of change, knowledge feeds that narrative, which feeds the powerbase which ultimately can reorient the system. 

Stories for Life has one purpose: to help create stories that contribute to the re-design of a healthier economy. It is a collaborative inquiry with Green Economy Coalition, Wellbeing Economy Alliance, The SpaceShip Earth and Friday Future Love which has been evolving since October 2019. The new website shares the thinking that has emerged so far, brimming with provocations and exciting new ideas for storytelling. 

This is just the start: we hope that exploring the site brings up questions, ideas and challenges. We want to hear them. We want your stories.

We need stories that help us better understand how we’re connected with the natural world and each other. 

This idea of interconnection, is in stark contrast to our current narrative that promotes ‘separation’ as the prevailing story. We can tell stories of interconnection by telling stories of life. Our lives. And, through these stories, we can then build an economy that is in service, to humanity and the environment. 

How do we ultimately change these stories? We move from ‘horror’ stories to ‘love’ stories. 

The two dominant stories are shared above. What other horror stories and love stories can you share?

We’d love for you to share your stories with us… comment on this blog below, tweet at @weall_alliance using #storiesforlife #horrorstories #lovestories and help us create an economy that prioritises the needs of people and the environment. 

Together, we can change the story of our economy, and bring about a global transformation of our economic system. Help us create our ‘love’ stories.

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