Understanding the wellbeing economy

Change starts with knowledge. WEAll is committed to amplifying the research, theory and practice that demonstrates a wellbeing economy is possible and explores or demonstrates how we can get there.

Want to better understand the arguments for a wellbeing economy?

Whether you’ve got a few minutes to spare, half an hour or all the time in the world, we’ve got plenty of material for you to get your teeth into. This resource hub will be continually reviewed and updated – and it’s only temporary while we work with our members on a much more in-depth and sophisticated resource hub that we hope to launch in the future!

WEAll Briefings: Little Summaries of Big Issues

Seven Ideas for the G7 by Amanda Janoo, 23 August 2019

What is a wellbeing economy? by Lisa Hough-Stewart, Claire Sommer, Katherine Trebeck and Stewart Wallis, 4 December 2019

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You can also explore how things would be different in a wellbeing economy by reading and contributing to our Old Way vs New Way section here.

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