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Creating wellbeing economies post-covid

Slide What is WEAll? A new global collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals - working together to change the economic system.
It's time for a wellbeing economy: one that delivers human and ecological wellbeing.
Our vision for economic system change It's bold, vital - and entirely possible. Download our vision brochure to learn more about what we will achieve through collaboration. Download PDFtrending_flat What is a wellbeing economy? We believe humanity should determine economics, not the other way around.
Explore our knowledge hub to build your understanding of what a wellbeing economy is and how we can get there.
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Support our work WEAll is a small non-profit working hard to keep up with the momentum we're building.
We urgently need more support to meet the demand for wellbeing economy ideas and new projects to speed up change.
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Wellbeing Economy Governments
Scotland, Iceland and New Zealand established the Wellbeing Economy Governments (WEGo) initiative in 2018.
This project was inspired by WEAll and demonstrates real leadership as member countries work together to prioritise wellbeing.
Watch Nicola Sturgeon's TED Talk Find out more about WEGo and see latest news

Slide Get involved person_pin Become a WEAll Citizen System change starts - but doesn't end - with individuals.
Join our virtual community of changemakers to be inspired, or bring your ideas to the movement.
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home Join or set up a WEAll Hub Work with others in your local area to build a wellbeing economy that starts where you are. Hubs can operate at community, city or even country level.
Check out our hub guide to understand what's involved.
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Collaborate as a member organisation We welcome organisations as members that are working towards the creation of a wellbeing economy in any sector, anywhere.
When we work together towards our shared vision, we can be greater than the sum of our parts.
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Latest news

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