Research Fellows Network

Embedded into the WEAll research cluster, the WEAll Research Fellows Network aims to: support the ongoing research of WE All, encourage trans-disciplinary discussion, and provide overview over contemporary academic debates. The Network will be a crucial resource of expertise for all parts of WEAll.

WEAll and its Research Fellows want to make change possible. Facing the ecological and social problems of today and tomorrow needs knowledge, creativity and communication. The main outputs of this network therefore will be: fact-sheets, synthesis papers, blogs and webinars. These will help members of WEAll to gain insights into various fields of sustainability and wellbeing and raise visibility of WEAll. Besides this, the Network is a pool of experts WEAll can reach out to with queries of research and policy advising in specific projects.

By being part of the WEAll Research Fellows Network, WEAll can promote their work and connect them to other Fellows with whom they can collaborate

The WEAll Research Fellows Network currently includes (updated 1 April 2019):


FabioBattagliaUniversity of Edinburgh
MiriamBrettBretton Woods Project
MarcBurtonDegrowth Manchester
ChikCollinsUniversity of the West of Scotland
ChristineCooperUniversity of Edinburgh
LucaCosciemeTrinity College Dublin
PeterDoranQueens University Dublin
AndrewFanningUniversity of Leeds
ChrisFunkClimate Hazard Group UC Santa Barbara
AlessandroGalliGlobal Footprint Network
JoyeetaGuptaUniversity of Amsterdam/ UN Gobal Environment Outlook
JasonHickelGoldsmiths University
GiorgosKallisUniversitat Autonoma de Barcelona
LaurieMacfarlaneOpen Democracy
RicardaoMastiniUniversitat Autonoma de Barcelona
RobertMcMasterGlasgow Business School
DanielO’NeilUniversity of Leeds
DeidreShawUniversity of Glasgow
JuliaSteinbergerUniversity of Leeds
BethStratfordUniversity of Leeds
DavidTyfieldLancaster University
JenniferWallaceCarnegie Trust UK
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