How will we change the system?

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Reclaiming the economy, reviving democracy

Our primary focus is the creation of a new power base to exert pressure for change at all levels of the economic system, to influence societal habits and norms, and to support the formation of an effective and dynamic global movement.

This mission will be supported by the formulation and dissemination of positive new narratives and will be underpinned by a strong and coherent knowledge and evidence base.

Power base

The change needed will not be brought about by any single entity on its own. It requires collaboration and inspiration. This means connecting, organising and amplifying the work of organisations, groups and individuals striving to build a wellbeing economy. WEAll will do this by:

  • Creating place-based cross-disciplinary hubs, from local to national, which formulate and implement change strategies
  • Creating affiliation/sector-based clusters which develop strategies and activities for change both within their own sectors and for wider society
  • Creating a WEAll Citizens movement whereby individuals can contribute to change in their local communities and also by adding their voice globally.


    Critical to bringing about this change will be the positive new narratives, not just for the economic system, but also for how we want to live together. While in practice there will be many narratives, they will be based on a set of common goals. Specialist narrative groups will be established across continents to support locally relevant content for the hubs and clusters.


    Building a wellbeing economy is not a case of starting from scratch: the evidence for change exists, many of the ideas needed are already available and a range of existing projects are thriving. However, they sit in different geographies, in separate departments and are not as joined-up as necessary to create widespread change. What is needed is to synthesise and disseminate ideas and knowledge in a clear, accessible, and compelling way. WEAll will bring together and amplify the work of practitioners and experts to share their experiences and support others to contribute to building a wellbeing economy.

What is WEAll?

WEAll is a new global collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals working together to change the economic system to create a wellbeing economy: one that delivers human and ecological wellbeing. It is registered as a UK Trust, hosted by registered English charity The Equality Trust.

WEAll was born out of a number of local and global movements, whose pioneering work formed the foundations of our theory of change.

See The Meadows Memorandum (Leading for Wellbeing) and The NESI Charter for more details (PDF downloads).

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