Amplifying the movement – how we work

WEAll is truly global and welcomes everybody, any organization, and any institution committed to creating a wellbeing economy. Together, through collaboration and cross-pollination, we will be greater than the sum of our parts.

A critical mass to change the system already exists, but will only succeed when people, organisations and ideas within it are connected as a movement and their voices amplified. WEAll has been created to enable those connections and amplify those voices.

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Changing the system: WEAll’s approach

Clear on where we add value. Helping to unlock potential.

What is urgently needed in addition is:

1. Creation of a power base: a wellbeing economy movement operating at all levels, across sectors and across geographies

Collaboration is more important than competition. Yet cross-sector coordination is poor and there is too much disagreement within sectors about policy prescriptions rather than building on agreement around goals, values and principles.

2. Positive and empowering new narratives

Most of the focus is still on what is wrong rather than the creation and dissemination of positive new narratives about how we want to live together. More work has been done on positive new narratives recently, but little of this has been trialed in practice and is not yet making a significant difference.

3. A strong and coherent knowledge and evidence base

The wellbeing economy theoretical base is disparate and relatively hard to access; knowledge gaps remain; and synthesis work is urgently needed to make it more coherent and accessible. Similarly, the evidence base of what works in practice needs to be galvanised and proactively disseminated. There is also a need to explore and demonstrate the effectiveness of wellbeing economy approaches on a large scale.

4. All three approaches reinforcing each other

Evidence from successful system change shows that it is necessary to combine all the three above approaches simultaneously. A wellbeing economy movement is needed to drive change at all levels of the economic system, to influence societal values and norms, and above all to inspire a sense that change is both necessary and possible.

This needs to be accompanied by policy actors working together at all levels, across sectors and geographies. A strong base of knowledge and evidence will underpin these, and positive empowering narratives are crucial to provide direction and motivation.

‘What is needed’ has been clear to many progressive groups and to large numbers of citizens for some time. ‘How to make it happen’ is the key issue. All the evidence from successful system change is that individual policies and great exemplars are not sufficient.

What is vital is a critical mass of people and organisations coming together to form a new dynamic movement to influence and inspire. This way collective impact is substantially multiplied. WEAll’s role is to help catalyse this multiplication process.

How WEAll is funded

WEAll has so far received funding from a range of sources:

  • Foundation funding given generously by individuals and groups involved in the formation of WEAll, principally from the Leading for Wellbeing and Alliance for Sustainability and Prosperity groups
  • Foundation funding on a partnership basis from Velcro Industries, with whom the Amp team is working on a corporate transformation journey
  • Project funding from Christopher Reynolds Foundation

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who has offered financial support to establish and develop WEAll.

As well as these monetary resources that have been crucial to WEAll’s inception, it benefits from an extraordinary amount of in-kind support from members who contribute time, expertise and energy to its operation and development.

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