Amplifying the movement – how we work

WEAll is truly global and welcomes everybody, any organization, and any institution committed to creating a wellbeing economy. Together, through collaboration and cross-pollination, we will be greater than the sum of our parts.

A critical mass to change the system already exists, but will only succeed when people, organisations and ideas within it are connected as a movement and their voices amplified. WEAll has been created to enable those connections and amplify those voices.

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Three spheres of change

WEAll’s efforts to bring about system change are encompassed by three spheres (underpinned by four strands of activity):

  • New narratives: amplifying new narratives via communications
  • Structural reform: working with movements, theorists, and practitioners to push for structural reform via connecting the movement to create a vanguard power base and by the creation of a shared knowledge base
  • Building alternatives: cultivating positive disruptors, via implementation

These are interlinked: each is an enabler of the other and activation of one can spur virtuous circles in which change in other areas will accelerate.

All three spheres of work link clearly with the benefits to WEAll members, which are:

1. Amplifying their profile (new narratives and communications)
2. Accelerating and accentuating their impact (structural reform)
3. Connect them to collaborators so they can cross-pollinate (building alternatives)

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