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 What is WEAll ?

WEAll is a new global collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals working together to change the economic system to create a wellbeing economy: one that delivers human and ecological wellbeing.

Want to understand more about what a wellbeing economy means? Explore our Resource Hub, and our Old Way to New Way resource table to get started.


Latest updates

What do you value? – a poem by Sue Rule, WEAll Scotland
Following discussions with WEAll Scotland, Sue Rule of Dunoon was motivated to write and share this beautiful new poem.
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WEAll Read: set up a wellbeing economy book group where you are
By Anna Murphy Where does money come from? What’s the purpose of economics? What is economics? Is growth the means
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Wellbeing Economy on the agenda for Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland
WEAll’s Katherine Trebeck was a featured guest speaker at the latest session of the Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland, on Saturday
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6b.Tony’s Chocolonely: Raising the bar for slave-free chocolate
Tony’s Chocolonely was founded 13 years ago by journalist Teun van de Keuken. Teun was shocked to discover that much
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6a. Accounting for impact and ROI
If we want to contribute to value creation, health, safety, ecosystem survival and human wellbeing, it is important to include
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Comic of Ecological Economics (in Spanish)
Rafael Galaz, a chilean lawyer has been working on an investigation about how to spread the word of Ecological Economics,
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