Business opportunities in advancing sustainable lifestyles in Greater Boston | Boston, USA

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Business opportunities in advancing sustainable lifestyles in Greater Boston | Boston, USA

May 16 @ 9:00 am - 1:30 pm

The Challenge

The recent IPCC report on climate change clarifies the urgency of rapid decarbonization of the economy. Recent research demonstrates that changes in lifestyles will be needed in addition to a transition to clean energy. According to EPA, 42% of our GHG emissions are associated with the energy used to produce, process, transport, and dispose of the products we use. This is a challenge but also an opportunity for companies to recognize the market opportunities in a) launching new business models, and b) supporting their employees in pursuing more sustainable lifestyles, which are associated with greater engagement and wellbeing.

The Aim

Develop a Toolkit with Actions and Indicators to Advance Sustainable Lifestyles In a recent report by One Earth, five lifestyle domains are identified where concrete actions can promote sustainable lifestyles and carbon emission reductions: food, mobility, consumer goods, housing, and leisure (including tourism). The aim of this workshop is to select priority areas for Greater Boston in which concrete progress can be made; to develop ideas for businesses to implement these through new business models and employee engagement; to consider ways to measure progress through indicators; and to identify opportunities for enacting supporting governmental policies at various levels. The workshop will build on previous work such as Imagine Boston 2030, Carbon Free Boston, the EU Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 Project, the EU Indicators for Sustainable Cities report, UNEP/One Earth Sustainable Lifestyles in the Workplace, and the IGES study on carbon footprints.

The workshop

* Short plenary introductions by speakers on the topic of prioritizing actions, implementation pathways, and measuring progress (speakers include Carl Spector, Commissioner of the Environment, City of Boston; Sasha Purpora, Food for Free; Gene Homicki, Founder of

* Focused/facilitated small group discussions on a specific topic (e.g., food, mobility, housing, consumer goods, and leisure)

* Small group reporting back

* Plenary closing and discussion of next steps.

Who should attend?

Large companies with commitments to sustainability, waste reduction and employee wellbeing; small and large companies with innovative products and services focused on waste prevention, product reuse or remanufacturing; NGOs and foundations with interests in sustainability; policymakers at all levels; academics and students.

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