WEAll’s Katherine Trebeck recently gave the evening keynote lecture at the Nourish Scotland conference in Edinburgh.

This new talk takes an in depth look at the role of food in our economy. In it, Katherine examines what our food systems would look like and do in a wellbeing economy.

Watch her fascinating talk HERE from 23:30.

WEAll Wales founder Duncan Fisher has written a series of four visionary articles on the Institute of Wales Affairs website, designed to encourage and guide Wales towards becoming a wellbeing economy.

Last week we shared the first of the series here.

You can now read all four at the links below.

  1. Unhappiness threatens our democracies: the data proves it
  2. Beyond GDP – welcome to wellbeing
  3. Wellbeing worldbeaters: New Zealand, Scotland and Iceland
  4. Welsh wellbeing – where we need to go from here

If you’re interested in getting involved with WEAll work in Wales, contact Duncan here. He is in the process of establishing a new WEAll hub in Wales and is keen to connect with like-minded people and organisations to build momentum.

Back in January, Rethinking Economics and Doughnut Economics got together and launched a competition based on the ‘seven ways to think like a 21st century economist’ set out in Kate Raworth’s book Doughnut Economics. The challenge that they threw down was this:

The judges were amazed and delighted to receive over 250 entries across three categories – schools, universities, and everyone else – covering a very wide range of themes. You can find out more about all 250 ideas and what happens next with them on the Doughnut Economics site here.

And the winners are…

‘Everyone Else’ winner – (WEAll member!) On Purpose with their short video ‘From Business Case to Systems Case’
School winner – Presence Tse with her video ‘From Division of Labour to Cohesive Partnership’
University winner – James Legg-Bagg with his video ‘Legal Rights for Nature’


Each month, members of the WEAll Amplification team (Amp team) share what they’ve been working on, and their priorities for the coming month.

Find out more about our team members here 

Ana Gomez 

  • What’s kept you busy in November?
    • Just like last month, I’ve been onboarding and meeting with new members – the network is growing all the time!
    • Creating new ways for members to connect with WEAll and each other – it’s great to see lots of activity in our new Facebook group
    • Developing ideas and plans for local level engagement with WEAll

    November highlight:

    • All the wonderful, energising conversations I’ve had with new and potential members

    December priorities:

    • Further development of the WEAll local hubs plan
    • Spending important time together as a team in Glasgow

Lisa Hough-Stewart 

What’s kept you busy in November?

  • Planning events with Katherine around the launch of her book in January, where we’ll invite people to discuss advancing the wellbeing economy in Scotland
  • Building the website for NESI Global Forum 2019 and getting comms ready for the launch of ticket sales
  • Planning the development of WEAll Citizens

November highlight:

  • Having energetic meetings with Isabel to develop ideas for WEAll Citzens

December priorities:

  • Having a scoping meeting with members to develop Citizens
  • Launching ticket sales for NESI and promoting it to the world
  • Spending time together with the team in Glasgow


Katherine Trebeck

What’s kept you busy in November?

  • A trip to Rio where I was so inspired by the CollaborAmerica conference, it was an honour to deliver a keynote talk there. I also had the chance to catch up with the wonderful This Is Not The Truth project
  • Travelling to Korea for the OECD Future of Wellbeing event – I was part of panel discussions on creating a wellbeing economy
  • Taking forward our narrative work, getting ready for collaborative meetings in Lancaster in the new year

November highlight:

  • Being there for the launch of the Wellbeing Economy Governments initiative in Korea, very proud to see this come to fruition after years of involvement with its development

December priorities:

  • Pursuing fundraising opportunities, especially some exciting opportunities in Scotland

A rare month without travel, and the rest is much needed!

Stewart Wallis

What’s kept you busy in November?

  • A big focus on governance, working with members to finalise a proposal for decision making and strategy within WEAll
  • A fundraising push with a particular focus on USA based trusts
  • Meeting and introducing to the Amp team new partners in the business and finance areas
  • Contributing to the Research Cluster alongside Katherine including pursuing contacts with the T20 group (Think tank 20)
  • Contributing to the development of our Citizens work, alongside Lisa
  • Working on a Technology chapter for a new book edited by key members of the Research Cluster
  • Presenting an hour long webinar for a catholic TV station with huge online audience

November highlight:

  • Really constructive meetings about governance – it has been a pleasure collaborating with our members and learning from them

December priorities:

  • Finalising the governance plans with the wider group of members
  • Major focus on fundraising

Michael Weatherhead

What’s kept you busy in November?

  • Development of content for NESI Global Forum 2019 working with an excellent group of contributors from the WEAll membership. The programme is shaping up nicely
  • Working with the business cluster to develop two business guide proposals
  • Co-designing the process for creation of a WEAll leadership toolbox
  • Negotiating the legal hosting of WEAll for 2019

November highlight:

  • Working with the content group for NESI Global Forum, and learning about new collaboration tools

December priorities:

  • Leading some productive team days in Glasgow
  • Having the NESI Forum format finalised and sub-groups decided for working on details of the Forum in the New Year.
  • Taking the business cluster proposals to funders