Business Cluster

The WEAll business and leadership clusters are open to all that care about changing business and leadership to support a wellbeing economy. The business cluster has been formed by WEAll members with a demonstrable commitment to transforming both the nature of business and its supporting ecosystem. The leadership cluster  was established by those committed to fundamentally changing the way leadership is viewed, taught and exercised across business and further afield.

The ideas generated by the members of the clusters are generated by their deep knowledge of the business and leadership sectors and by the question: What can we do together that we cannot do alone?

Key ideas/projects generated by the clusters and currently seeking funding include:

Project goal: The goal of the project is to create a guide that not only exposes and enlightens businesses to different models and tools for business but also provide them with guidance on how to select an approach right for them.

Identifying and acting on the business system’s pressure points to allow business to play a full role in bringing about a wellbeing economy.

Project Goal: The goal of the project is to identify, develop strategies and rally stakeholders to change the key points of the business system that will support businesses to play a full part in moving forward and engaging in an economy that maximises human and planetary wellbeing in a highly uncertain world.

Project Goal: The goal of the project is to identify 5 to 10 emergent leadership initiatives spanning business, management education, public leadership, civil society and beyond; and to invite those into a meta-inquiry on globally responsible leadership. From the meta-inquiry spanning diverse cohorts and initiatives WEAll will then capture, distill and share key leadership development learning and approaches and ultimately support the scaling of emergent and promising methodologies and programmes in a leadership toolbox.

Cluster teams

The following member representatives are committing time and expertise to the work of the WEAll Business cluster and the associated Leadership cluster:



Michael Pirson – IHMA

Jock Encombe – EC Partnership

John North – GRLI

Erica Steckler – IHMA

David Wasieleski – IHMA



Marco Keijzer – IUCN (Netherlands)

Frank Dixon – Global System Change

Juan Pablo Larenas – Sistema B

Wendy Schultz – Infinite Futures

Hunter Lovins – Natural Capitalism


For more information on any of these ideas, any that you would like to bring to the clusters and how the clusters function, please contact:

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