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Visions of a Wellbeing Economy: Switzerland

Wohlbefinde – “Wellbeing” Eh Ökonomie fürs Wohlbefinde – “A Wellbeing Economy” Swiss German Switzerland is a country that always scores very high in rankings such as “the world’s happiest countries” and “best standards of living”, and that people living elsewhere often associate with beautiful nature, tasty chocolate, and very expensive prices. In many ways, Switzerland […]


Where do we go from here?

By: Rabia Abrar Over the last 24 hours, like everyone else, I’ve cycled through an overwhelming series of emotions: disbelief, frustration, anger, helplessness, sadness, dread.  I felt especially sad because, while yesterday’s violent acts of white supremacy in Washington D.C. are news, white supremacy and the institutional and systemic racism1 that enables it, is far from new.   […]

Wrapping Up 2020: WEAll Made It!

It goes without saying that this has been a difficult year for everyone.  The global pandemic has made the injustice, unsustainability, and fragility of our current economic system clearer than ever – and exposed the urgency of transforming our economic system. The good news is that WEAll has made significant progress this year in our […]


Visions of a Wellbeing Economy: Bulgaria

By Izabela Ivanova Velikova Визии за Благополучната Икономика в България “Visions for the Wellbeing Economy in Bulgaria” Bulgarian (sounds like /vizii/ /za/ /blagopoluchnata/ /ikonomika/ /v/ /bulgaria/) Благополучна “Wellbeing” Bulgarian (sounds like /blagopoluchna/) Being a country with a 14 century history, Bulgaria has gone through many transformations, which inevitably had their impact on the way that […]


Visions of a Wellbeing Economy: Greece

By: Anna Chrysopoulou Κοινωνική ευημερία: collective wellbeing (sounds like /kee-no-nee-kee/ /e-vee-me-ree-ah/) Οικονομία της ευτυχίας: Wellbeing Economy   (sounds like /oy-kon-o-me-ah/  /tis/ / ef-tee-hee-ahs/) Greece is a country with several linguistic terms to define the concept of ‘wellbeing’: ευημερία (e-vee-me-ree-ah), ευ ζην (ev zeen), and ευδαιμονία (ev-de-mo-nee-ah). The latter, especially, appears extensively in Greek ethics and […]

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Life-Centered (Wellbeing) Economics for the 21st Century

by: Sandra Waddock There is a lot of talk today about bouncing ‘back’ or returning to what passed for normal before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world and everyone’s lives. But there is a huge problem with that idea.  By the nature of complexity and wicked problems in social systems, complex systems simply cannot return to prior states once change […]

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People and Planet before Profit? A framework to compare the big ideas

by: Erinch Sahan A fundamental change is sweeping across the business world. Big ideas are spreading, new slogans being echoed, and the very purpose of business being questioned. A host of concepts and initiatives are driving this conversation. From BCorps to Social Enterprise, Cooperatives to Shared Value, the market-place of ideas is heating up. These are […]


Remembering Andrea Somma Genta

Andrea Somma Genta 1973 to 2020 It is with sadness, but also love and admiration that we put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard, to be precise) to share some thoughts about our friend, and partner in working to change the world, Andrea Somma Genta. Andrea passed away recently, peacefully and with her loved […]

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Visions of a Wellbeing Economy: South Africa

by: Xola Keswa Impilo econo kuqala kwesimosomnoto – Wellbeing economy  Zulu South Africa is a country that many greats, including Nelson Mandela, Elon Musk, Mark Shuttleworth, Steve Biko, Mariam Makeba, Trevor Noah, and Mahatma Gandhi, have called home. People will tell very different stories of their experiences in our beautiful country, depending on when they […]


Social Impact Investment Driving a Wellbeing Economy

by Rutger de Roo van Alderwerelt In exploring topics for my MSc thesis in Financial Economics, I came across the concept of a Wellbeing Economy. With my primary academic focus on the economic impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) in international financial markets, I found few academic articles that relate this field to conceptualising a Wellbeing […]

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Visions of a Wellbeing Economy: The United Arab Emirates

By: Nikita Asnani اقتصاد الرفاهية (wellbeing economy) اقتصاد السعادة (economy of happiness) Arabic I belong to the land of dates – no, not that kind, the edible ones… This horse (shaped) peninsula, engulfed by the pearl-laden Arabian waters, refuses to slow down its speedy gait, be it in technology, science, commerce arts and culture.  What […]

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Reflections on Climate Strikes and a Wellbeing Economy

by Rabia Abrar Over the years, I have committed to ‘do my part’ to help the world ‘fix’ the effects of inequality and the climate crisis. I have joined passionate youth in supporting the work of vitally important organisations which address the downstream effects of inequality and the climate crisis: fundraising to build libraries or to create children’s bed kits, supporting community […]