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3b. Lancor: Leading from the bottom up

Lancor is a cooperative with 89 employees and 76 years of history. The company started off as a family business and is now specialised in the production of elevation machinery and wind generators, with a large additional portfolio of innovation and development projects.  In 2005, the business was in a moment of crisis when Koldo […]


3a. Embracing participatory leadership

Nobody is born a perfect leader or entrepreneur. To be good at either means being able to take a risk. A leader might at first fear such actions, as they might think it appears as ‘weak leadership’, or not ‘leading from the front’. These fears are understandable, but as a business matures we naturally need […]


2b. Riversimple: Redesigning ownership

Riversimple is a car manufacturer that has taken value creation to a completely different level. The business was founded to address the enormous environmental damage created by personal transport, with the purpose ‘To pursue, systematically, the elimination of the environmental impact of personal transport’. The founders recognised that they serve not only investors but a […]