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How to support Fridays for Future?

Elizabeth Dirth, a member of the WEAll Research Fellow’s Network, has recently released two extensive reports offering solutions for both governments and business alike to support the Friday’s for Future movement. The timing seems ever important as we’re watching an entire continent light up in flames. The question is, how can we support and amplify […]


DOTS Conference Recap Nakuru, Kenya

By Isabel Nuesse: WEAll Engagement and Content Lead  Open technology builds a strong case for the practicality of building a wellbeing economy. While in Nakuru, Kenya at the Digital Open Technology Summit (DOTS) conference, I saw the potential transformation that open source technology can have on local communities. Hosted by Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) and […]


A Wellbeing Economy: An Alternative to our Current Model?

REPOST FROM CHRISTIAN AID: By: Úna Bartley Back in the late eighties, Christmas for me, meant extra shifts at WH Smith’s record department. More shifts meant more cash, and more cash meant more purchases from Ms. Selfridge for my ever expanding wardrobe with its fifty shades of black. With my shaky grasp on economics, the […]


BALLE becomes Common Future

Reposted from Medium  For 18 years, BALLE has worked alongside community leaders to advance bold ideas that are changing systems. If you followed our series this fall, you read about the incredible leaders in our network, our theory of change, and our vision of an equitable economy. Why are we bringing this up now? BALLE — The Business […]

You’re invited to contribute – Will you accept?

We, Professor Robert Costanza and Katherine Trebeck, are thrilled to invite you to contribute to a special issue of the journal Sustainability  that we are guest-editing. The title of the special issue is: Toward a Sustainable Wellbeing Economy. And we are keen that everyone  submit an article. You can find more detail about the special issue […]

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Women-led employee-owned businesses lead the way

 By  Co+operative Development Scotland This is reposted from CDS  – see the original piece here.   Research carried out by Women’s Enterprise Scotland shows that women-led businesses contribute more than £5 billion towards the Scottish economy, and that if rates of women-led businesses equalled that of men, the contribution to Scotland’s GVA would increase to […]

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Skipping school to save our future

  Blog by  Esther Snijder – WEAll Youth     All around the world, young people have come together to strike on behalf of the climate. They want the world leaders to start acting on their words and take a stand  for better climate policies. WEAll Youth joined them on the 7th of February in the […]


AMP team diary February 2019

Each month, the WEAll Amplification team (Amp team) shares what they’ve been working on, and their priorities for the coming month. Find out more about our team members here    Ana Gómez What’s kept you busy in February? Bringing new and committed members to the network. Engaging members even more in the different working groups Creating […]

“Less is Max”; probably the best educational game in the world for the wellbeing of society and the planet

“A game like this should be in all homes, schools and offices where big decisions are made.  I recommend games to all those dedicated to the virtuous task of educating, learning and growing.  Thanks. “ Silvia, Madrid “I liked it because it helps us understand our needs”, 14-year-old, Secondary student. “It opens your eyes about things […]