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Economics Shortie with Amanda Janoo

We make up the economy. You and me, all of us, together; the people.  “An economy [is really, just] a term for the systems we build to produce and provide for one another.”  At least, that’s how Amanda Janoo, WEAll’s Knowledge & Policy Lead, puts it. In the recent Decades for Courage Podcast, Amanda explained […]

Why it’s time for the EU to shift to a wellbeing economy

By Rebecca Humphries, Senior Public Affairs Officer at WWF European Policy Office WWF is one of the world’s largest and most experienced independent conservation organisations, with over five million supporters and a global network active in more than 100 countries. The European Policy Office contributes to the achievement of WWF’s global mission by leading the […]

Planning for Wellbeing … and Doughnuts

Active travel, green space, connected communities … these are not new ideas!  Katherine Trebeck recently delivered the Sir Patrick Geddes Commemorative Lecture, for the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) on the role of place and planning in creating a wellbeing economy. She urged us to learn from planning pioneers, like Sir Patrick Geddes, and to […]

Hacking our way to a Better Economy

Nested between the current core sectors of the economy: Government, For-Profit Business and Non-Profit Organisations, the newly evolving 4th Sector is a space for business to be a force for change. It leverages both business and profit to benefit people and the planet. We are in dire need of innovative solutions to ensure we rebuild […]

What is Blinding Economists? WEAll Talk Recap

In May, our monthly WEAll Talk featured Mariana Mirabile  asking the question, ‘what is blinding economists?’ She broke down the thinking behind current economic theories, like ‘economic growth is always good’. Micro and macroeconomics An interesting comparison she made is the microeconomic vs. macroeconomic thinking around marginal cost and benefit. In microeconomic thinking, we ‘stop’ when […]

Algorithm update: Economics, White Supremacy, and Facebook.

By Isabel Nuesse In his latest piece in The Star, “Time for an end to ‘white economics’”, Yannick Beaudoin reminded us that economics is a construct that was created by people and informed by the experiences and qualities of their cultures. With an economic system founded on ‘white’ perspectives and patriarchal principles, it’s no wonder […]

How psychology services and care for children might look like in a Wellbeing Economy

By: Kitty Forster, Assistant Psychologist & Researcher, Wales  Statistics suggest 1 in 4 people experience mental health disorders and mental health issues are on the rise amongst younger generations. Our pace of life has evoked unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety and depression in our modern societies, specifically in the younger generation.  Various causes have been […]

Imagine if the EU were able to catalyse a wellbeing economy?

On September 23rd, you can support the WWF in making that a reality. WWF is hosting a webinar with WEAll’s Amanda Janoo, and Club of Rome member and WEAll Ambassador, Sandrine Dixson. The ideals of a wellbeing economy were endorsed by the European Union (EU) in October 2019 and the European Economic and Social Committee […]


Influencing Scotland’s Transition

Blog by Isabel Nuesse Busy as ever, Katherine Trebeck, WEAll’s Influencing and Advocacy Lead, has been speaking on panels, podcasts, webinars and academic lectures to encourage stakeholders to take a hard look at the feasibility of building back better to a wellbeing economy. In Scotland, she continues to work alongside the WEAll Scotland Hub to […]

Rethinking Money to Redesign the Economy

By: Nikita Asnani, WEAll Youth Member The link between money and sustainability has not been adequately discussed. We often take our monetary system as given, like the laws of nature: A broken mirror, that cannot be replaced, no matter how distorted the image, as long as it serves those who made it. We know that […]

Design for Global Transformation at UC Berkeley

As a part of WEAll’s narratives work, we are always looking to find new articulations of the vision of of a new economy – one that is designed with the purpose of delivering collective wellbeing. Last week, we discovered 5 inspiring projects presented by undergraduate UC Berkeley Civil and Environmental Engineering students in their ‘Design […]


Event Recap Supporting Your Journey Towards a Wellbeing Economy: Consultation on WEAll Policy Design Guidebook

The use of the term, ‘Wellbeing Economy’ has been increasing with Scotland being an official member and organiser of the Wellbeing Economy Governments partnership, WEGo. On Thursday 27th August, 75+ economic development practitioners gathered at a Consultation hosted by the Economic Development Association Scotland (EDAS) and WEAll, to exchange ideas about how Scotland can further […]

7 Bold Strokes to Save Our World by Bob Willard

Bob Willard is a member of WEAll who has just recently published his first white paper. You can learn more about Bob and his work by visiting his website here ______________ Here are the opening paragraphs of my first white paper, “7 Bold Strokes To Save Our World.” “We are at a pivotal point in […]

‘WEALL Connects’: Intergenerational Connections

By Alexander Evatt, Helsinki, Finland Dear WEALL community, Two weeks ago, WEAll Youth brought together WEAll Youth, Citizens and Members at ‘WEAll Connects’, our first Intergenerational event aimed at creating a space to build cross-generational connections and discuss WEAll Youth’s initiatives and goals. I had the great pleasure to facilitate the first WEAll Connects session, […]

White Supremacy is the Pre-existing Condition – Report by IPCC

Blog by Isabel Nuesse The COVID-19 pandemic has brought long-avoided issues in the US into the light – such as the rampant racial wealth divide – and has sparked the world’s largest civil rights movement. For instance, in Boston, white households have a median wealth of $247,500, while Dominicans and Black Households have a median […]


R3.0 Webinar & Upcoming Event

WEALL member @r3dot0 held a one-hour webcast about the latest developments of r3.0, with a focus on getting participants an overview of the two forthcoming Blueprints on Sustainable Finance and Value Cycles, as well as an overview of the September 8-11 7th International r3.0 Conference. As in earlier years the conference delivers a top-notch set […]


The Great Pause

Originally published by Open Democracy  Written by: Amanda Janoo and Gemma Bone Dodds _________ As world leaders scramble to limit the spread of COVID-19 and save millions of lives, we are increasingly hearing concerns regarding how social distancing and lockdown measures will impact the economy. Governments and economic commentators fear a “stock market crash” and […]