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WEAll Talk: Christian Felber Ethical World Trade

Event Recap from July 2020 What is free trade? And why is free trade problematic? Christian Felber, author of Trading For Good and WEAll Ambassador, explained this exact concept on a WEAll Talk on Ethical World Trade.  Christian calls free trade ‘enforced trade’. ‘Enforced’ because countries that are young can be punished by international law […]

Business of Wellbeing Guide 1 Year Anniversary

Last January, we launched ‘The Business of Wellbeing: a Guide to the Alternatives to Business as Usual’. It aimed to answer questions such as, “What exactly is a wellbeing economy and how can we put it into practice?”and, “What are the options and what is the path that makes sense in each particular business context?”   […]

How Do We Shift Our Internal Narratives – Event Recap

How does adult development play into the internal narratives we hold? How can we shift those narratives? Internal narratives are the stories we tell ourselves about the world. It’s our self-talk, the way we explain or attempt to think something through. By better understanding these narratives, we can see where to shift toward to change […]

The Endless Treadmill to Billionaire Wealth

Two recent reports, while focusing on different geographic areas and on seemingly different topics, call for similar policy outcomes: the prioritisation and delivery of the 5 WEAll needs: dignity, access to nature, connection, fairness and meaningful participation for all people..  Summary of two recent reports:  Job Treadmill – European Environmental Bureau and the European Youth […]


Honouring Indigenous Wisdom this Thanksgiving

By Isabel Nuesse  This week, many American’s are gearing up for another Thanksgiving holiday. A holiday told to celebrate the harmony between the Pilgrims and Wampanoags – whose land expands from Southern Massachusetts, into Rhode Island. Source: Wikipedia  However, this narrative overlooks the genocide of the Native American peoples. It is said that between the […]

Measuring Wellbeing Event Recap

On November 20, Rutger Hoekstra introduced the topic of his new paper “Measuring the Wellbeing Economy: Going Beyond GDP.”  During the 60 minute webinar, Rutger outlined the three major to-dos needed  to move this agenda forward. Harmonise. There are a number of indicators out there. We need the United Nationals and other international institutions to […]

Launching 36×36 For a Femxle Revolution

Calling all femxle change makers!  We’re accepting applications for the new 36×36 project, which will gather next generation femxle professionals from all over the world, to develop the pillars for our economic future.  Why? The current neoliberal economic “story” was created in 1947, in a Swiss resort called Mont Pelerin by 36 men. These Western […]


Measuring the Wellbeing Economy: How to Move Beyond GDP

by: Rutger Hoekstra Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the way we measure economic growth, has become the primary measure of success of societies. Countries that have a high GDP are considered important and governments that experience high economic growth are admired. As a result, there is a dominant narrative in society that “growth is good”. But […]


NEW WEAll HUB: California

WEAll is pleased to announce the launch of the first official US-based WEAll Hub: WEAll California.  On November 12th, the Institute for Ecological Civilization (EcoCiv) and WEAll will gather online with a broad group of organizational leaders and policy makers, to officially launch the hub.  This virtual event will bring together participants from across the […]

Policy Design for a Wellbeing Economy – Event Recap

WEAll is developing a Policy Design Guide that is to be launched in January. In support of this, we hosted an event on November 5th to galvanize interest. Amanda Janoo led the discussion and in her presentation, she outlined the goals of the Guide and how it can be used by Policymakers around the globe. […]


United We Trust?

By: Isabel Nuesse Founded on ideals of white superiority, rooted in colonial behavior, rich due to the exploitation and oppression of indigenous and black communities; this is the story of the US that has been avoided for the last 250 years.  With the performative slogan, ‘United We Trust’, we endeavor to pursue unity without acknowledging […]

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Visions of a Wellbeing Economy: United States of America

By: Isabel Nuesse well-be·​ing | \ ˈwel-ˈbē-iŋ  \ Definition of well-being : the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous : WELFARE It’s a tumultuous time in the United States. With an ever-divisive political arena, our sensitivities have the wheel and it’s much easier to stick to our corners, and talk amongst ourselves.The outcome of […]

Katherine’s Holland ‘Take Over’

Last month, Katherine Trebeck went on a virtual tour in Holland. With over 15 gigs and several media interviews, it was a busy week of influencing stakeholders to transition to a Wellbeing Economy.  While speaking of the urgent need to build an economy that prioritises environmental and social wellbeing, she stressed the why, how and […]

Economics Shortie with Amanda Janoo

We make up the economy. You and me, all of us, together; the people.  “An economy [is really, just] a term for the systems we build to produce and provide for one another.”  At least, that’s how Amanda Janoo, WEAll’s Knowledge & Policy Lead, puts it. In the recent Decades for Courage Podcast, Amanda explained […]

Why it’s time for the EU to shift to a wellbeing economy

By Rebecca Humphries, Senior Public Affairs Officer at WWF European Policy Office WWF is one of the world’s largest and most experienced independent conservation organisations, with over five million supporters and a global network active in more than 100 countries. The European Policy Office contributes to the achievement of WWF’s global mission by leading the […]

Planning for Wellbeing … and Doughnuts

Active travel, green space, connected communities … these are not new ideas!  Katherine Trebeck recently delivered the Sir Patrick Geddes Commemorative Lecture, for the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) on the role of place and planning in creating a wellbeing economy. She urged us to learn from planning pioneers, like Sir Patrick Geddes, and to […]

Hacking our way to a Better Economy

Nested between the current core sectors of the economy: Government, For-Profit Business and Non-Profit Organisations, the newly evolving 4th Sector is a space for business to be a force for change. It leverages both business and profit to benefit people and the planet. We are in dire need of innovative solutions to ensure we rebuild […]

What is Blinding Economists? WEAll Talk Recap

In May, our monthly WEAll Talk featured Mariana Mirabile  asking the question, ‘what is blinding economists?’ She broke down the thinking behind current economic theories, like ‘economic growth is always good’. Micro and macroeconomics An interesting comparison she made is the microeconomic vs. macroeconomic thinking around marginal cost and benefit. In microeconomic thinking, we ‘stop’ when […]

Algorithm update: Economics, White Supremacy, and Facebook.

By Isabel Nuesse In his latest piece in The Star, “Time for an end to ‘white economics’”, Yannick Beaudoin reminded us that economics is a construct that was created by people and informed by the experiences and qualities of their cultures. With an economic system founded on ‘white’ perspectives and patriarchal principles, it’s no wonder […]

How psychology services and care for children might look like in a Wellbeing Economy

By: Kitty Forster, Assistant Psychologist & Researcher, Wales  Statistics suggest 1 in 4 people experience mental health disorders and mental health issues are on the rise amongst younger generations. Our pace of life has evoked unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety and depression in our modern societies, specifically in the younger generation.  Various causes have been […]