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WEAll is recruiting: Knowledge Lead (global team)

The Wellbeing Economy Alliance is recruiting a new Knowledge Lead to work with its global Amp Team. The Knowledge Lead position is a fantastic opportunity for someone with a deep understanding of the Wellbeing Economy ecosystem and the various concepts, ideas, and initiatives that comprise it. The successful candidate will be well versed in the new economic literature whilst being able to “see the forest from the trees” by recognising the important contribution that different perspectives and approaches bring to the Wellbeing Economy movement.

This position will allow a passionate individual to not only connect with like minded individuals and organisations around the world, but to also support in moving from theory to practice by making the ideas needed for economic systems change accessible.

WEAll recognises the need for greater diversity in our team and the economic systems change movement more broadly and is committed to addressing it. If you believe you would bring greater diversity to our team, we’re particularly keen to hear from you.

Click below for more information on how to apply. The application deadline is Sunday, June 26, 2022 at 11:59 PM UK time.


Empowering communities to take action locally

How can we inspire the urgent and collective action we need, right now, to address the major challenges of our time? We think local action in local places is a big part of the solution, and that’s why Wellbeing Economy Wales is exploring ways of empowering and supporting communities to take action. In September 2021 […]


Investing in Degrowth

By Jennifer Wilkins An increasing number of people in the affluent nations are realising that our levels of consumerism reflect learned habits rather than our real needs, that inputs to industrial production are less than 10% recirculated causing over-extraction and pollution, that the fossil fuels that power our lifestyles need to stay in the ground […]


Katherine Trebeck: Time off and next steps

Our wonderful co-founder and Advocacy Advisor, Dr. Katherine Trebeck, is stepping back from WEAll, after many years of incredible work and dedication to put the Wellbeing Economy into the public agenda and gather so many people and forces around this shared vision. She has been fundamental in the construction of this organization and movement, and […]


Scotland’s aspiration to become a Wellbeing Economy requires more than business as usual

Earlier this month the Scottish Government unveiled its new 10-year National Strategy for Economic Transformation. The much anticipated plan included the welcome aspiration to become a Wellbeing Economy. But it failed to set out how we will genuinely transform our economy to one that ensures good lives for all of Scotand’s people and protects the […]