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Honouring Indigenous Wisdom this Thanksgiving

By Isabel Nuesse  This week, many American’s are gearing up for another Thanksgiving holiday. A holiday told to celebrate the harmony between the Pilgrims and Wampanoags – whose land expands from Southern Massachusetts, into Rhode Island. Source: Wikipedia  However, this narrative overlooks the genocide of the Native American peoples. It is said that between the […]


Measuring Wellbeing Event Recap

On November 20, Rutger Hoesktra introduced the topic of his new paper “Measuring the Wellbeing Economy: Going Beyond GDP.”  During the 60 minute webinar, Rutger outlined the three major to-dos needed  to move this agenda forward. Harmonise. There are a number of indicators out there. We need the United Nationals and other international institutions to […]


Launching 36×36 For a Femxle Revolution

Calling all femxle change makers!  We’re accepting applications for the new 36×36 project, which will gather next generation femxle professionals from all over the world, to develop the pillars for our economic future.  Why? The current neoliberal economic “story” was created in 1947, in a Swiss resort called Mont Pelerin by 36 men. These Western […]


Visions of a Wellbeing Economy: Nigeria

By: Avwerosuoghene Onobrakpeya for Swedish Organization for Global Health (SOGH) A multi-diverse country, made up of over 200 million citizens, and about 250 ethnic groups, where more than 500 languages are spoken. This is Nigeria. And so, we have coined many ways of describing ‘wellbeing’. To mention just a few: The Yorubas call it Alafia, […]


Visions of a Wellbeing Economy: Greece

By: Anna Chrysopoulou Κοινωνική ευημερία: collective wellbeing (sounds like /kee-no-nee-kee/ /e-vee-me-ree-ah/) Οικονομία της ευτυχίας: Wellbeing Economy   (sounds like /oy-kon-o-me-ah/  /tis/ / ef-tee-hee-ahs/) Greece is a country with several linguistic terms to define the concept of ‘wellbeing’: ευημερία (e-vee-me-ree-ah), ευ ζην (ev zeen), and ευδαιμονία (ev-de-mo-nee-ah). The latter, especially, appears extensively in Greek ethics and […]


A Way to Talk About Race, 6 Words at a Time

YES! Magazine


Enough is Enough: Raising Our Voices around COP26

by Rabia Abrar COP26, the UN Global Climate Summit, was originally meant to have taken place in Glasgow starting this Monday – but it was delayed until next year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the event has been delayed, the urgency to address the climate crisis remains the same. ‘Unusual suspects’, as some may […]


Repaying the Debt owed Black People Requires a Democratic and Reparative Economy

Resilience Magazine Resilience Magazine Baratunde Thurston


Life-Centered (Wellbeing) Economics for the 21st Century

by: Sandra Waddock There is a lot of talk today about bouncing ‘back’ or returning to what passed for normal before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world and everyone’s lives. But there is a huge problem with that idea.  By the nature of complexity and wicked problems in social systems, complex systems simply cannot return to prior states once change […]


People and Planet before Profit? A framework to compare the big ideas

by: Erinch Sahan A fundamental change is sweeping across the business world. Big ideas are spreading, new slogans being echoed, and the very purpose of business being questioned. A host of concepts and initiatives are driving this conversation. From BCorps to Social Enterprise, Cooperatives to Shared Value, the market-place of ideas is heating up. These are […]


Measuring the Wellbeing Economy: How to Move Beyond GDP

by: Rutger Hoesktra Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the way we measure economic growth, has become the primary measure of success of societies. Countries that have a high GDP are considered important and governments that experience high economic growth are admired. As a result, there is a dominant narrative in society that “growth is good”. But […]


NEW WEAll HUB: California

WEAll is pleased to announce the launch of the first official US-based WEAll Hub: WEAll California.  On November 12th, the Institute for Ecological Civilization (EcoCiv) and WEAll will gather online with a broad group of organizational leaders and policy makers, to officially launch the hub.  This virtual event will bring together participants from across the […]


Policy Design for a Wellbeing Economy – Event Recap

WEAll is developing a Policy Design Guide that is to be launched in January. In support of this, we hosted an event on November 5th to galvanize interest. Amanda Janoo led the discussion and in her presentation, she outlined the goals of the Guide and how it can be used by Policymakers around the globe. […]


United We Trust?

By: Isabel Nuesse Founded on ideals of white superiority, rooted in colonial behavior, rich due to the exploitation and oppression of indigenous and black communities; this is the story of the US that has been avoided for the last 250 years.  With the performative slogan, ‘United We Trust’, we endeavor to pursue unity without acknowledging […]